Build website that works before advertising it

While driving the other day I was listening to a syndicated talk-show radio host compare Barack Obama’s latest sales pitch for Obamacare with the likes of Ron Popiel and the late Billy Mays and I became completely disgusted. Let me explain why.

Years ago, after seeing a couple of infomercials, I actually went online and purchased some OxiClean from Mays and a rotisserie from Popiel and, guess what, both of their websites were up and running. Both offered me a great product at a great price and I was not fined if I didn’t purchase them.

The people at OxiClean said that if I was dissatisfied for any reason that I could simply return the unused portion for a complete refund. The people at Popeil said that if I found my product unsatisfactory I could do the same.

I still use OxiClean and still use the Popiel rotisserie to this day.

Bottom line, do not try to sell what you don’t have, build a website that works before you advertise and give it a name people can trust.

Barry Kevin Winston