Cars than don’t run on gasoline the better choice

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who always wanted to drive a car when they were young. But once I heard about the exhaust of cars polluting the Earth, I was thinking toward not getting one (adding another car to my three-car family). When I used to watch cars come and go, I always thought that having a car that ran on water would solve all of the problems.

An Associated Press article in The Maui News on Nov. 19 stated that Hyundai is going to release a Tucson SUV, a hydrogen vehicle, in 2014. I also read that, a decade ago, President George. W. Bush allocated $1.2 billion for hydrogen research. But when the Obama administration took over, it focused more on the battery-powered cars such as the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt.

I’m glad that Hyundai is finally making this futuristic idea a reality.

But I also have my doubts because the article stated that these new hydrogen vehicles require special filling stations to operate (similar concept to the electric car charging stations). So this got me thinking: “Is it really water?” “Is it pure water?” “Is this really what Maui needs?” Nevertheless, having a car that doesn’t run on gasoline or give off carbon dioxide is better than having one that does.

Brendan Otani