Change in film festival ticketing breeds confusion

We on Maui are truly fortunate to be able to see first-run movies during both the main Maui Film Festival and the end-of-year holidays.

However, confusion reigned at the entrance to the Castle Theater on Dec. 22. Those with “fast passes” were told by ticket takers at the door that only one person could use the pass for the screening of “August: Osage County.” Additional patrons, who in previous years could use a single pass, were directed to a table outside where they could buy a single ticket.

The festival director alluded to issues that had caused problems but he was a little cryptic. One of the ushers explained that it “wouldn’t be fair if more than one person was able to use a pass for a single movie, since the prices are reduced.” Huh? Even the festival website states that more than one person can use a single pass. I don’t think the volunteers even understood the new ticketing process.

If there are ticketing changes from previous years, the Maui Arts & Cultural Center box office personnel should explain how the passes are utilized when the patron picks up the ticket.

The festival director mentioned there was some kind of tussle in the lobby as he made his introduction. It wasn’t surprising to hear that.

Michael Nye

Maui Meadows