Change required if wrongs are to be made right

Quite often, including on this page, a question posed is: “Why do guys move here and then want to change things?”

Most agree change will occur and expect most everyone who located here effected some change, back to the Polynesians who became the kanaka and maybe the menehune who might have preceded them.

Some seemingly do it for financial and personal gain by using some resource here. Others may perceive a concern or issue which, in their opinion, should be changed.

For me, it was my naivete or basic lack of knowledge. Until I lived here for a while, I was unaware that poor agricultural practices for decades poisoned the aina, which also endangered the kai and wai. I did not know the coral reef structure was being decimated by poor practices, nor that questionable government decisions permitted severe modifications to the wetlands to allow development.

I believe just because others preceded me here and made their own changes for their own reasons should not preclude me from reversing or at least modifying those alterations. Further, I believe situations change as our species learns. So stating that because we did it before means we must continue doing it is senseless.

Now I know. I believe I would be negligent not to try to right these wrongs. That’s why I want to effect change on Maui. So that is my answer.

My question is, why did those preceding me allow all these negative changes to occur?

Mike Moran