Checking the math on Bond’s intake of alcohol

OK, wait a sec. . . . That James Bond article (The Maui News, Dec. 14) is interesting, but it’s misleading.

If Bond drank four times times the doctor’s recommended amount of alcohol a week, it certainly does not make him either a problem drinker or an alcoholic. Forget the “shaken, not stirred” tremor.

Let’s do a little math.

If he drinks 92 units of booze a week, and that is four times the recommended, that makes the daily recommended amount around 23 units. OK? If a person drinks one beer a day, every day, and one pint of beer has three units, that equals (carry the three) 21 units of alcohol, which is “normal.”

So Bond, James Bond is drinking the equivalent of four pints a day.

Or two shots and two beers. Or two doubles, take your pick.

A bit much, but not really. He’s no alky. He could still become one, but probably not at that level.

Their premise is flawed.

Thomas M. Rockwell