Council needs to rein in administration spending

The county administration is opining about the “privileged” who paid for their own photovoltaic systems. Yet the administration is ready give $6 million over appraisal value to wealthy investors.

About 12 years ago the investors bought about 5,000 acres for $17 million from Launiupoko to Ukumehame – about $2,900 per acre for land they now want the county to pay $69,892 per acre for 186 acres, the same undeveloped land. Some of the same developers made similar arrangements in Kihei, selling the land then contracting the park development. You could subsidize a lot of solar systems for the poor with $6 million.

One motivation for the investors: Potential values are severely impacted by the new county highway? The investors feel, “Why not let the county pay for our profit loss for the highway that will service our subdivision?”

Regarding the “We are going to lose this opportunity to preserve this land” argument: Who would buy land at double the appraised value? A county not using its brains?

Interesting that the two council members with the most connection to Lahaina, Mike White and Elle Cochran, both think this deal stinks.

We elect the council to exercise oversight over administration spending. That is a council member’s job.

When we finally elect people who are willing to stand firm based on their principles of fiscal responsibility, shouldn’t we support them when they are looking after our interests?

We should all use our brains on this one. Especially our council members. It’s a “no-brainer” for me.

Tom Fairbanks