Curbside recycling program needs to be expanded

The 3 Can Plan, a pilot curbside recycling program, began last year in select neighborhoods in South Maui. As a Central Maui resident, I am wondering about a countywide rollout plan. Right now our trash is being tossed into one container bound for the landfill.

We live on an island where land is very limited. I believe it is to our advantage to have our trash sorted into blue, green and gray cans for mixed recyclables, green waste and garbage. These are no longer trash but can be resources for creating new products, improving our soil and generating power.

When will the curbside recycling program expand to my neighborhood? We must act quickly as the amount of trash we create is increasing. By offering this efficient and convenient service to all residents, the waste being sent to landfills will be reduced. Our land will be protected and can be seen as its true beauty for future generations to enjoy.

Nevan Watanabe