Don’t schedule roadwork during peak traffic hours

Ever wonder why, when you’re driving into Lahaina, as you get off the pali and all of sudden you’ve come to a standstill just past Ukumehame? Or driving north out of Lahaina and traffic is backed up to the Lahaina Cannery Mall? Then you start to wonder, “Was there another accident?” Or, “They can’t possibly be doing roadwork during rush hour”?

So you ask a passenger in the car to check their Facebook posts for any accidents and what do they see? People complaining about roadwork being done during peak hours. I’m sure the county is aware that people need to get to work and school on time.

Would it be possible to schedule roadwork to a more convenient time of the day where people aren’t trying to get to school and work? Perhaps even doing roadwork at night would be better because roads are less congested and then all of those hardworking workers won’t have to work in the hot, hot sun.

Chance Medeiros