Donation of Launiupoko land would be one of aloha

We all agree that the Launiupoko lands need to be kept open space. But, if West Maui Land Co. loves Maui so much, why are they insisting Maui taxpayers help them make such a huge profit off this Launiupoko land deal?

It could be a donation of good faith and aloha to the county.

I am a “lay person” who does understand the appraisal process, and it seems there is a pretty large variable on the amount they are asking and the appraised amount.

For someone to say if you are not from the west side you have no say (Letters, Dec. 13) is to me narrow-minded. If I recall right, Maui is an island and anything that happens north, south, east or west on this island concerns me. Born and raised, Maui is my home. Voters have the final say.

Pat Borge