Elderly drivers pose no more risk than do others

Regarding “Drivers pose greater risk to others as they age” (Letters, Nov. 30): After reading this letter, in my elderly, mental state, I checked the date at the top of the Opinion page. And, yes, it was Nov. 30, not April 1 – does not hurt to check.

Like the letter writer, 58 years ago I never again reached the pinnacle of knowledge that I felt I had then. One of the things that I studied after 10 more years of schooling was statistics. And, if my poor, intermittent memory serves me for a change, I believe that the safety record of elders with poor visibility compares rather favorably with the great judgment of adolescents.

To the letter writer: Thank you so much for “lightening up” my dull, gray morning fog.

Darrel S. Kester