Every trade deal sends more U.S. jobs overseas

I was born at the beginning of the Great Depression. My earliest recollection was holding my dad’s hand in the soup line. Whatever it was is what we got for the four of us for the day.

I know what it means to go hungry. The relatives have to move in together and zero medical attention and the feeling in your gut that drives you crazy.

Why in the world do we want to do that again? Why are we ending the unemployment insurance for almost 2 million people right after Christmas? There are trillions of dollars floating around and we always get over these bad times by spending on jobs here, not overseas. There will be much more of that if the president I voted for has his way with this latest trade agreement.

Intrinsically bad people have taken over the U.S. government and with voter suppression we may never escape them. We must have the biggest Democrat voter turnout ever.

Mind you, I see that the guy I voted for, President Barack Obama, has betrayed us with this trans-Pacific trade deal. Every trade deal costs us. The South Korean deal already has us $2 billion in debt to them and they are exporting to us with their cheap labor. Republicans will make it worse. No Social Security, Medicare or unemployment insurance.

Evidently the plan is to make us into the neo-Third World. No middle class. Doesn’t that warm your cockles?

Pippo Schillaci