Expanding swim zones invites more shark attacks

In light of all the recent shark attacks and shark activity, why is the state Department of Land and Natural Resources pursuing its plan to radically increase the swim zones at Kanaha Beach Park?

When we see buoys that mark a swim area, we assume the area is safe. As a daily Kanaha swimmer, I can say that these new swim zones are not safe. The area from lower Kanaha down toward the harbor is notoriously sharky. That is where one new swim zone is proposed.

The other new zone is where beginners learn to windsurf. I swim through there frequently. There’s a lot of current and it gets deep quickly. Also I’ve seen two tiger sharks there in the last five years, and another time a lifeguard on a personal watercraft told me to get out of the water there because of a shark sighting.

The last few weeks, the wind has been light and few people are at Kanaha and even fewer have taken advantage of the weather to swim. I have swam every day but rarely see more than a couple people in the water, not counting surfers and stand-up paddleboarders.

If and when the DLNR puts in these new swim zones, more people (some children) will unknowingly put themselves at risk.

Thomas Rehrer