Failure of Obamacare is squarely on Democrats

The so-called nuclear option has been around since Thomas Jefferson, and is there to keep the majority in the Senate from bullying through laws. When it didn’t serve their interests, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton gave multiple impassioned speeches about what a travesty it would be to allow such a thing to happen. Remarkably, now that it serves their needs, it’s the only proper thing to do. It will be interesting to once again hear their impassioned speeches when they are no longer the majority power in the Senate.

Obamacare: Every day we keep seeing what many of us already knew – that this leftist, unwanted grab for more power is a train wreck waiting to happen. The good news is its eventual failing is now squarely on the Democrats. For clarification, I challenge everyone to read a Nov. 22 article by Mona

Our failing foreign policy is an example of John Kerry’s desire to create a legacy for himself, one that could possibly cause millions of deaths. The naivety of our current leaders to not understand that Iran will say and do whatever it takes to have a nuclear weapon is astonishing. So again, with a lesson learned from our dear leader, we’re going to kick yet another can down the road.

This is written on Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for the U.S. military keeping me free. May God bless them.

Bill Botts