Festival film well documents the dangers of GMOs

In an age of corporate terrorism regarding food safety, we have to applaud the Maui Film Festival for bringing the “GMO OMG” film to the big screen.

Monsanto, Syngenta and Dow not only control 50 percent of all seeds worldwide, they supply their own chemicals to go with their chemical-resistant crops.

These corporations operate in stealth and refuse to disclose the dozens of chemicals they spray on fields, creating toxic winds that blow into homes and schools. Where do you think these chemicals go when they die? Or do they persist in the environment, percolating into our groundwaters?

Films like “GMO OMG” raise serious questions about the impact of Monsanto, et. al., on the health of our food supply and our island environment.

In an era where chemical companies have taken control of our agriculture industry, we need to get informed about the risks of these open-air experiments.

See the film and decide for yourself.

For more on the risks, go to shakamovement.com. Also look at the Kauai site stoppoisoningparadise.com.

Mark Sheehan