Hana Highway gridlock coming with new stoplights

Coming soon to an island near you. Brought to you by the same people who built a three-lane highway up the mountain, a Department of Education where everyone gets paid except the teachers, the Superferry and its harbor facilities, stoplights that don’t change for motorcycles, spending more money on studies than actual projects, ad infinitum.

Hana Highway will have three, count ’em, three, stoplights in half a mile. We will experience the mother of all gridlock, especially at lunchtime. The project manager, speaking at the April 10, 2012, public meeting at Maui Waena Intermediate School, said that installing traffic signals at the intersection of the airport access with Hana Highway was the most feasible solution. And our cheap Charlies bought it.

As a retired member of Maui’s health care community, I still enjoy perusing the Internet for topics of interest, especially at medical school or university sites. When I wrote my Nov. 15 letter, I was relaying facts from such sources. This very paper carried an Associated Press article stating this information. Look beyond Google. Fuel issues are the focus of the Environmental Protection Agency. It controls such items.

My letter may have been a bit more understandable if you had read my preface, which was edited out: “Never step into a turning propeller. Wise words spoken to me over 50 years ago.”

Dennis Lokmer