Laws allowing evil the fulfillment of prophecy

Bible prophecy has come true today with evil laws allowing abortion and, now, same-sex marriage.

In the Book of Revelation we hear: “God was insulted by the Beast and it was permitted . . . authority for 42 months. . . . It was allowed to fight against God’s people and to defeat them” (Rev 13:5-7).

God is allowing this, but why? Because we have chosen to go our own way. God is being ignored today.

Jesus told Vassula Ryden, a modern prophet, that our generation is in apostasy. He explained what that meant – people raised as Christians who no longer practice their faith.

I see how that is true. Many Catholics, for instance, don’t know or have forgotten that to miss Mass through neglect is a mortal sin.

Many never learned the four sins that cry to heaven for vengeance – willful murder, oppressing the poor, defrauding workers of wages and the sin of Sodom.

Mortal sins are punishable in purgatory, or hell. According to Fr. Schouppe, author of “Purgatory,” Italian nun Teresa Gesta, who was regarded as holy, died in 1859. Two weeks later, Gesta appeared in a vision to another nun, Anna Felicia. Gesta was in a tortured state and needed prayers. As she left, her hand touched the door, which left a burned mark.

If someone regarded as good could suffer so, how much more then for our generation now?

Melissa B. Prince