Leaders’ incompetence is embarrassing the country

As a Independent (not a follower of parties) my thoughts are: These people are embarrassing our country with incompetence.

Clown Obama, said to be so smart, intelligence beyond question, knows nothing that goes bad and wrong around him.

Gunrunning to Mexico that kills hundreds, nobody told me?

IRS targeting conservative people and organizations during the presidential election to suppress the opposition, I didn’t know about this?

Benghazi and our people die for gunrunning in Libya to Syria; Obama and Hillary Clinton, missing from the whole incident and we are told it’s not important where he was during the murders?

Where was she? “What difference does it make?”

Seems like Obama and Hillary disappear when things go bad then appear later with excuses; nothing sticks to them.

Hillary, Benghazi, Egypt, Syria, Iran, and let’s not forget Russia reset embarrassment. Hilary resigns to stay low before more damage is done to her because she wants to run for president.

Notice she and Bill never leave Washington; keep their faces on camera. The American media (ABC, CBS, NBC, AP, etc.) let us all down with their love affair, making him look good at all costs. Enough of this.

Kirk RK Bode