Let spirit of the holiday extend beyond Dec. 25

Well, folks, December is here. A look will reveal that the 25th (a red number on the calendar) is Christmas Day, a time for joy and cheer. We’ll ignore those naysayers who claim the date is inaccurate and stick with tradition.

We will be polite to strangers, be more forgiving as we shop from store to store.

We will be more tolerant and show our generosity at every turn.

We will pull our children away from their electronics to be with family, and welcome all to our door.

With a teary eye we will watch the movie “A Christmas Story,” in which Ralphie and his family struggle with the rigors of the holiday.

The pity is that after the 25th (not red days), it all ends as we struggle into the stores to return those broken or unwanted items, and God help anyone who gets in the way of that.

We will fight for a parking space and challenge any sales clerk who dares to question our return.

So, I challenge all to treat the following 30 days after Christmas as if it were a red day on the calendar, a holiday, a time for tolerance and charity. If you can do that 30 days, try 30 days more and discover what you are truly made of.

Happy holidays.

Roy Ayala