Littering with cigarette butts is disrespectful

I consider it a privilege to live on Maui – such a beautiful island – so it makes me really upset when I see people throwing cigarette butts on the ground or out a car window. That’s the same effect as throwing an empty candy wrapper or empty water bottle on the ground. It’s trash.

I consider a cigarette butt litter, and I wish smokers would too. Have some consideration. Take pride in our island paradise. Be respectful. Seeing cigarette butts littering our streets, beaches and parks really makes me sad because if everyone did their part and disposed of them in the right way we wouldn’t have this problem.

It’s not just seeing it around, it’s knowing the danger it presents when someone discards a cigarette butt while it’s still lit. It’s a fire hazard. Please, smokers, be respectful and take care of our aina. Next time you want to throw your cigarette butt on the ground, think of it as leaving behind a soda can or bottle. Would you do that?

Kiana Correa