Live aloha on Maui, the most beautiful of places

Even when I close my eyes, I can see the hula dancers sway to the ukulele and I’m lulled. My spirit soars. The perfect patterns made by the waves upon the sand are as unique as the lace-covered blue sky many a mornings. Haleakala draws us to the uncommon silversword plant, the toe-picking nene birds and even to the words written by Mark Twain, who made it there on a donkey.

This spring I’ll miss the jacarandas in bloom. Regal purple color splashes from lime green leaves. To say miss is misleading because the essence of aloha, once embedded in our hearts, lives within and beyond. This I know.

Life has classrooms. I am grateful that my hardest years were lived in the most beautiful of places. Leaving the security of a place I called home since 1992 feels painful.

To all newcomers, I beckon you to learn to speak Hawaiian and join a halau. Respect the reverence born of this Earth. Maui is the no ka oi blessing.

The best of everything is here: doctors, vets, schools, shops, restaurants and people who work the land and businesses. Post office workers, churches, the mayor and his county workers, the newspapers, are all, after all, a family. Lifeguards and paddling clubs, windsurfers, chefs, artists, musicians and massage therapists, hairdressers and nail technicians take pride in doing what they do. Live aloha.

Nicoleta Neagoy