Love is not something that can be ruled by gender

Love isn’t something to be ruled by, it should just happen.

To me, as long as two people love each other, that’s all that matters. It shouldn’t matter if they’re the same gender. If they really want to be with that person and they love them, they’re meant to be with each other.

Telling someone that being with the same gender and loving them is wrong is wrong. There shouldn’t be laws about how people feel for one another. It should be their choice, no one else’s. I feel that if they really are committed, they should do it.

Telling someone they can’t be with the one they love goes both ways. If you tell that to a same-sex couple, they’ll just think the same about other marriages.

Love is love, no matter what gender. Imagine how it feels to not be able to love a person without being judged. That must be hard to go around acting like someone they’re not. Everyone should be who they are without being judged by anyone. I wouldn’t care what people think. I’d be with the love of my life through thick and thin.

In the end, love will never leave anyone’s heart. It will always be there and no one can take that away from anyone.

Just let people be who they truly are and everything will be fine.

Lana Chong Kee