Many reasons to ban the burning of sugar cane

As a child, sugar cane burning had an immense impact on my life, affecting my asthma. Some schools were notified that the burning of cane would take place, but not mine. On my way to school every morning I would have trouble breathing due to the smoke of the burning cane. One breath after another, I struggled to breathe. The polluted air was caught in my lungs.

With days passing by, then months and even years, the sugar cane burning continued to rise. With sugar now in high demand, we tend to see the smoke more often in the air.

Sugar cane should not be burned on our island because of the asthmatics and people who suffer from allergies. Also, the pollution in the air does not help. Many don’t realize how much harm this does to not only our island but to the people, the air and the ecosystem. Cane sugar also causes global warming because of the smoke entering the air and breaking down the ozone layer more than it should be.

Sugar cane burning should be banned because of those reasons. Look around when it’s growing. You see birds flying, children playing and people walking. This is because the air is cleaner, making it easier to breathe. Many don’t realize the difference, but I do. I only realize it because I am one who lives with asthma. When sugar cane is burning I can’t control it.

Kayla Sniffen