Men of small intellect hold public power on Maui

What is exasperating about Maui, and probably many other places as well, is the small group of men who hold or have access to public power.

These men honestly believe that they know what is good for this island and its people. They believe this, despite their narrow focus, the absence of any real individual development of consciousness and minimal education. If these were men of a different caliber or in a different place, they would be called specialists.

Here, however, the county political power rests in the hands of ambitious, cunning, calculating, cliquish men of small intellect. Minds are not broadened or developed, consciousnesses have not expanded along any lines – cultural, scientific, philosophical or spiritual; and the echo chamber within which they operate makes them deaf to all but the calls of money, land development and entrenched power.

Ask a politician on Maui to describe the future, and you will see quickly both how far ahead he can see and how bound he is to projecting the present forward.

Sometimes a politician’s pockets are so filled with the ringed fingers of others, making deposits, pulling every which way, that his gaze disorients or focuses on small, dark, hidden pouches. The common good lies neglected at the blurred periphery of his view.

Raphael O’Suna