Message of Christmas is darkened by Black Friday

Every now and then I am embarrassed to be a human.

The latest incident was Black Friday. I’m not sure why it’s black, surely these are dark times. Maybe it’s all those businesses hoping to be saved from being in the red by having a big Christmas shopping season.

Black Friday seems to bring out the worst in people. Fights, stabbings, stun guns, people pushing and shoving other folks out of the way so they can be sure to purchase more stuff on sale. So much for “it’s all about we,” this is a stampede that’s “all about me and mine.” Not exactly the message of Christmas.

When did we change from being free citizens in a community to being consumers at the mall? Now, more than 70 percent of our entire economy is us shopping.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, as gratitude is one of the keys to happiness, success and fulfillment. On a national scale, it has been overrun by food and football, and appears to becoming an asterisk to Black Friday as more and more stores are requiring their employees to work on Thanksgiving.

Stand with me and refuse to shop on Black Friday, and help return Thanksgiving to its rightful place as a four-day holiday that reminds us to make gratitude a 365-day practice. We don’t need more stuff to be grateful. People returning from impoverished Third World countries often remark of the gratitude and joy in the faces of people with very little.

Bodhi Be