Molina’s bid for re-election to council welcomed

I, for one, am glad to see Mike Molina running against Mike White for our Upcountry council seat (The Maui News, Nov. 30).

I have written White on four occasions for various topics and have yet to get a response or phone call on any issues. I guess he is too busy with his hotel manager job and council positions.

When Molina was a council member, if I wrote or contacted him he either called or wrote me back a response even if we had opposite opinions.

White, I feel, has forgotten those of us who voted for him and has his own agenda, not ours. He, as all of the politicians, ran on fixing our water issue as well as roads Upcountry. I see sidewalks and road improvements all over Maui and wonder how we were left out.

If White does get re-elected, I hope he realizes our Upcountry needs someone who listens to and responds to the people of our area.

I, for one, plan to vote Molina, and to tell my friends to as well, as I know he responds to district concerns and people.

Dennis Fitzpatrick