Money should be spent on infrastructure, not wars

There is a lot of talk about no jobs, most money held by the few, bureaucratic spending, etc. I will never understand how anyone can believe it is the fault of the middle class and poor, who have no power.

My anger is primarily aimed at those who stand in the way of spending on infrastructure. During the Great Depression, government projects kept a lot of folks, including my family, from starving. Many said it finally all worked out due to World War II and the war spending. Spending on a war is like flushing the money down a 2 percent toilet.

Do any know what city had plenty in the early 1930s during the Great Depression while the nation dealt with extreme poverty? Las Vegas. Why? Because of the building of the Hoover Dam. Something we did not leave on a battlefield with our dead soldiers and continues to serve us well. How is it that some see spending on war as beneficial over taking care at home?

Sure, the military-industrial complex and corporate internationalists do very well funneling the money to the top few percent. That stuff is the direct fault of our elected public servants in Washington, the states, the counties and the cities that do not have the heart or the vision to do right by the suckers that vote for them. If they can’t control the warmongers and greed-ridden jokers, get a real job and stay out of politics.

Pippo Schillaci