Obstructionist behavior both crazy and dangerous

The parable about reasoning with a stubborn mule by first hitting him between the eyes with a piece of lumber to get his attention appears to be true. A series of letters critical of uninformed Tea Partyers and their supporters and the stupid obstructionists they vote to send to Congress seems to have worked. Some of the uninformed even assumed they were the stupids in Congress – strange.

We experts and near-experts on national affairs, politics and governance and who know the stage and actors rant about the lunacy of the obstructionist behavior. Now, we are being joined by Republican Party leaders who dreamed up, aided and abetted this hateful behavior, and the corporations that contributed heavily to the political action committees that got the stupids elected. We all realize their behavior in Congress is absolutely crazy and dangerous.

The reality is this: The uninformed must not, pardon the mixed metaphors, allow themselves to be drawn like moths to a flame to salivate like a Pavlov dog whenever their manipulators spout carefully selected terms such as term limits, big government, government takeover, death panels, debt, deficit, tax cuts, Obamacare and now the silliest of all terms to stir hatefulness, compromise. Please learn what they really mean and refer to.

Is it so difficult to tear oneself away from forwarded emails and cable-channel shouters, study objectively selected sources, discuss the issues using one’s own newly informed thoughts and words and become a true patriotic and informed voter and citizen?

Howard Fields