Organization needed to keep Kahului Harbor clean

One of my favorite hobbies is canoe paddling, which I love to do in Kahului Harbor.

I noticed while paddling that there is a lot of trash in the water. The trash in the harbor not only harms the fish but also gives the harbor a really bad smell. The trash comes in by boats that come into the harbor daily.

Another main cause from the trash is people littering.

While paddling, I often see large pieces of trash floating around in the harbor. On the beach there is a lot of trash in the sand and on the shore.

Trash in the water can kill fish since they consume anything floating. Since trash is one of the main problems in the world, we should make an organization just to clean up the harbor. Cleaning up the harbor would make a big impact by not only making the shore and beach cleaner but also giving it a better smell.

It would be nice someday to go to the harbor and see less trash on the shore and less trash floating in the ocean. If we could have an organization adopt a harbor we could clean the harbor of trash once or twice a month leading to better smelling and much cleaner beach water.

Amery Dudoit