Patient is grateful for lifesaving care at MMMC

Maui Memorial Medical Center is still getting an extremely unfair bad rap to its reputation concerning the quality of health care it provides.

When I moved to Maui from Colorado four years ago, I was amazed how often I heard unsolicited negative comments about the hospital.

I spent a total of 15 days at MMMC recently, and I can state sincerely that I have never received a more superb level of quality health care treatment in my entire life.

I was in great pain with critical health problems when I arrived at the emergency room at 3 a.m. I was taken care of immediately and later admitted to the intensive care unit. There was what seemed like a very long moment there when I thought I might never have another birthday or celebrate Thanksgiving again.

I was wrong.

I’m happy to report that after being discharged from the hospital, I celebrated my birthday last month at a dinner hosted for me by some really good friends. I also celebrated with other friends and neighbors at a dinner on Thanksgiving Day.

I’m doubtful that any of this would have happened without the knowledgeable, professional skill and conscientious care of the wonderful doctors and nurses at MMMC who made my quick recovery possible. They are very kind and loving people who truly cared for me in the best possible way.

Patrick Murphy