People who are trapping pets are breaking the law

No doubt there is an overpopulation of cats on Maui. Caring people are trapping cats to provide humane service for spay and neuter, and proper feed and care.

But there are others who are trapping people’s pets. People are placing food in backyard traps to lure stray cats, but this is also luring pets into traps.

It is against the law to steal pets. There are strict laws against stealing pets that the police have a duty to uphold, as well as to enforce the Maui County animal anti-cruelty laws. This includes eating cats and the use of cats as bait for cockfighting.

Maui is not a Third World country, and we do have humane laws in place to protect pets.

People who are trapping pets: Be advised that you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It is against the law and inhumane to dump cats at golf courses or in the woods.

Even if one does not like cats, they have feelings and will suffer greatly being dumped in the wild. The cat being stolen and dumped may belong to a loving home.

Deborah Pozin