Purchase of Launiupoko land is desperately needed

Maui County can be proud of the County Council, the mayor and the owners of the Launiupoko property for hopefully “doing the right thing” for the future of Maui and its citizens.

Maui County desperately needs the Launiupoko property for safe and sure access to the west side, as well as a conservation “essential” jewel to be available to the public in perpetuity. The owners have agreed to sell this property at a large discount to its value on the open retail market and to assist in the creation of the roadway that will safely connect the west side with the rest of the island.

Maui’s knowledgeable legislators and the administration understand the true value of this irreplaceable asset and so have acted in unison for the benefit of the county and its citizens to make every effort to see that this priceless acquisition can be made.

The citizens of Maui need to support this purchase and to support those that understand its value. Hopefully, this “coming together” of purpose for the betterment of Maui can be done and realized at Launiupoko for the good of all now and for the future.

Ray Phillips