Red Sox, Victorino made statement with their play

Recently, I was back East taking my daughter to school in New England and stopped at a roadside service center. I spied a girl with a Red Sox No.18 Victorino jersey on, went up to her and congratulated her, and said I was from Maui.

She didn’t say much, but her father smiled and said, “We love Shane because he plays so hard.”

Later, a Rhode Island friend of mine said to me, “Oh, that Shane Victorino, he’s my Mowie Wowie!”

After a good laugh, I thanked her and thought to myself, “Imagine that, a Maui boy can give people a natural high from his baseball play.” No booze, buds or PEDs needed.

The Red Sox made a statement with their post-season play to lift the spirits of New Englanders, and Boston in particular. The players like to call themselves “grinders”; I call them “true grit” sportsmen.

Whatever we call them, they are a credit to the country for their spirit and determination, and Shane was a big part of it all. Way to go, Victorino.

Walter Chihara