Republicans can’t escape blame for nation’s ills

The letter writer on Dec. 13 who blames Obama for all the ills of the country fails to accept the Republicans’ part in that fail.

Just look at the filibusters that the Republicans have invoked in this and the last Congress. It is double the amount of any year since it was put into law by the Senate.

Congress has an approval rating in the single digits. About six years ago the Republicans had a meeting, in secret, that they were going to make Obama a one-term president. Well, we see how well that worked.

But, their obstructionism has labeled this Congress as the do-nothing Congress. House Republicans, especially the Tea Party, have let this country down with their pettiness and downright ignoring the majority of Americans’ wishes and abandoning everything but their agenda.

They should be ashamed for they represent all of us, not just the extreme right.

James Hoover