Require developers to fulfill their obligations

The Dec. 10 Maui News has an article about yet another development asking for approval. In the article it discusses improvements such as water, roads, parks and other things promised prior to approval.

The past 30 years has seen many developers include improvements in their plans. None were done, buildings were sold and developers shut corporations down without doing what they promised. Our government leaders have sold our people out so the developers make their money and then leave the county hanging to make improvements.

As one plan, the County Council should mandate bond floats by all developers double what the improvements would cost, or mandate improvements in the development plan be implemented prior to first nail on houses or commercial areas added. This would make sure we have what is required in the acceptance of the plan.

I still wait for Maui Pineapple to build a West Maui school and parks as part of Napilihau development. Betsill Brothers improvements for parks, sidewalks, water control items and such. Where are the bike paths promised by developers for the buildup in Kihei?

The council and county government allowed uncontrolled growth with no oversight to specific items required. Now we have lack of roads, parks, sidewalks, water, drainage and other items promised. Who pays this? The taxpaying citizens of Maui.

County government: Do your job and mandate proper controls to make sure the plans approved are carried through. We all depend on it.

Dennis Fitzpatrick