Right wing’s hatred of Obama evident in cartoon

What a surprise – the Dec. 1 idiotic cartoon depicting John Kerry as Neville Chamberlain was utterly predictable, pathetically cliche and historically absurd. But it was completely on par with the mindless Barack Obama hatred of the right-wing, nut-job coalition The Maui News so proudly embraces.

The same crowd of sycophants who cheered for the George W. Bush wars which, 10 years on, continue to destroy lives, national treasure, national standing and integrity have the gall to critique Kerry’s effort to intelligently deal with a thorny issue like Iran. For them, there is no patriotism that can pierce hatred for our twice-elected president. They would rather see this country fail than see Obama succeed at anything.

After treading the international stage like their emblematic elephant, breaking virtually everything in their path as tens of thousands died, shame, humility and decency require they beg forgiveness and thank those attempting to clean up their mess.

That, or sit down and shut up.

Jerry Wright