Stealing of S. Maui beach sand continues unabated

The stealing sand issue continues on South Kihei Road (Letters, Nov. 23).

Recently, again, two maintenance workers from a nearby condominium property on a golf cart armed with many buckets and shovels removed about 2,000 pounds of sand from the protected area of the dunes/beach.

When I approached and asked as to what they were doing, they told me, “We are Hawaiians and this is our sand. Mind your own business.” I am very disappointed to learn, once again, reverse discrimination and entitlement is alive and well. Their reasoning was that the rain washed away their sand and they were there to transport it back.

I still don’t see any signs posted that it is illegal to take sand from the dunes, which are under repair.

This is my last comment on this issue.

Gabriel P. Castano Sr.