Stop the brainwashing, realize value of cannabis

Congratulations and mahalo to all that supported equal marriage for Hawaii.

Especially our own Rep. Kaniela Ing, who eloquently revealed his own previous prejudice based on well-meaning elders and authority figures’ misinformation about gays and gay marriage.

The same campaign of obfuscation and misconceptions about cannabis fueled our failed drug war for the last 50 years.

Speaker Joseph Souki recognized this injustice by introducing cannabis legalization as his first act. The medical benefits of cannabis that made it the most prescribed medicine in America 70 years ago are being rediscovered daily, prompting a dozen states to consider legalizing medical and/or recreational cannabis use.

Concurrently, Speaker Souki also proposed a two-year pilot project to verify hemp’s superior soil detoxifying properties (hydro-remediation) to cleanse the vast tracts of land poisoned by our failed sugar industry and promote its use as feedstock for our biofuel producers.

All supportive testimony also included the many other products of hemp, including food, construction materials, rope, clothing, paper, and many more as well as medicine.

Now the public must speak out to toss off the brainwashing that separated us from one of the most benign and beneficial plants on the planet. Please support HB154 and HB1. Insist that Maui be included in the project along with farmers and biofuel producers. Now is our chance. Yes we cannabis.

Joe Bertram III