Tax changes show council members have no empathy

I received a certified letter asking that I submit my application for the 2014 circuit breaker tax. I’m not going to waste my and the county employees’ time submitting it, as even with the rumored changes I still won’t qualify.

I appreciate Mayor Arakawa’s effort to veto the changes months ago. Unfortunately, our County Council members appear to have no empathy for people with either limited or fixed incomes. For my family, it means over $2,000 that could go toward other needs like college funds for my kids.

I also have to wonder what kind of people hold elected office in Maui County. Some must be lacking in intelligence when they call residents “cheaters” when all they’ve done is use a law put in place by these same people. I am greatly offended.

I’ll follow the changes to see if the council members come to their senses, but I seriously doubt it. If they don’t, I’ll register my protest at the ballot box next November. Mayor Arakawa can count on my family’s votes. The council members? Not gonna happen.

Michael S. Sowers