Those on political left have no clue about accountability

As I read in amazement “Obstructionist behavior both crazy and dangerous” (Letters, Dec. 9), one has to wonder how the writer was able to send his letter to The Maui News from another planet. For now, we will refer to this planet as “Leftonia.”

It seems that those little Leftonians have got their feathers ruffled up again by having to concede to complete and dire failure.

What gets me is that these same ones that refer to themselves as “experts on world affairs and politics” find it odd that we understand terms like “term limits, debt, deficit and tax cuts” and use them in our everyday language here on Earth.

Here’s a couple of terms that the Leftonians have never heard: “accountability and responsibilty.”

Not one Democrat in Washington has a clue what those words mean, and before one launches its next argument one might want to read up on Benghazi.

Before you go knocking the Tea Party, keep in mind that they are fighting to protect our Constitution from being trashed by the very likes of those that do not love and value our great nation.

Barry Kevin Winston