Trapping of cats must be done in a humane fashion

We have a huge population here on Maui, as elsewhere in the world.

Domesticated cats have established themselves since left to breed. It is human error that we have so many because they should have been fixed.

Rodent and insect population control has been a factor. There was a time when a cat was worth money due to the harbor rats. It is a crime to trap a cat and “abandon” it.

This means that if you trap a cat it must be released where it was trapped or to the Maui Humane Society. There the animal will be examined and hopefully reunited with its owner.

The trapping routine has cruelty considerations: No bodily harm, starvation, exposure to sun/rain.

Cruelty to animals and this trapping rule pertain to all animals, not just “pets.”

Donya Izbicki