Article was biased in favor of GMO agriculture

You can tell outside pressure weighs on The Maui News when it prints an article so favorably biased toward genetically modified agriculture.

The Dec. 29 Associated Press article implies that if Monsanto was more vocal about its research and products then consumers would warm up to its technology. The article is correct about one thing: When it comes to public relations, Monsanto is its own worst enemy. Monsanto has done a very poor job of representing a very important technology.

Because Monsanto has been covert about its research, its data lack respect from much of the scientific community. It favors industry studies supporting its technology, while shelving unfavorable studies from public scrutiny. It hides its test plots like the pot growers on federal land. It viciously attacks farmers with lawsuits who are the unfortunate victims of transgenic pollen drift. Many of the genomes it modifies are unusually aggressive, creating an imperialistic overtone to its technology.

As a scientist, I would be ashamed to be a mouthpiece for a company like Monsanto. Such a promising technology, carelessly manipulated for short-term profit.

To balance the article out, I visiting the website of the Organic Consumers Association (, or the website of Food Democracy Now (, or the Union of Concerned Scientists at


In the Dec. 18 editorial, The Maui News took a refreshingly courageous stand concerning the Sunshine Law. Perhaps it should consider a more balanced approach to this subject matter also.

James Miner