Cat licensing idea just another grab for money

Seems to me like most counties are running broke or somebody is looking for raising more money for a pay raise. The latest is cat licensing (The Maui News, Dec. 28).

I started off with five neutered cats which I kept outside of the house to stop the rats from getting into the house. Cats are the most effective tools for eliminating rats. Because I fed my cats outside, the food attracted other cats to come to my house at feeding time. Some of them come pregnant and stay and give birth. We don’t own them but, like people, they have to eat too. Should we feed them or kill them? Which is better? Cats or rats?

If nobody claims the cats, are we going to euthanize them? Who will take the responsibility when we get infested with rats? Get rid of the chickens. Or is that one too big for little brains to figure out? They’re digging up all the plants.

Henry Kahula Jr.