Coming of the big waves brings out restless souls

Motion rhymed everywhere on Maui the day of the waves. Highways were bursting at their seams with waves of traffic. Coastal beaches, towns, parks and headlands thronged with people splashing their enthusiasm and expectation. Along with matter and consciousness, motion and change define the nature of the universe. Maui heard and resonated with the resounding echoes of natural rhythms, patterns and chaos.

Certain men create history, mystery, myth and legend. They ventured out and mapped the jungles, rivers, poles and oceans. The unknown and destiny drew them into uncertain existences. Other men stayed home, explored the principles which govern the phenomenal world. They experimented, theorized, discovered. They too risked ridicule, condemnation from authority, familial disharmonies, insanity and both excommunication and punishment.

There are fewer unexplored or unknown places on maps today, and scientific discovery has become complicated, expensive and narrowed by vested interests.

But certain men are restless to unleash their power, confidence, competence, capacity for risk and excitement. Certain personalities, which would have made them chieftains in bygone eras – the magnetic, charismatic, fearless, instinctual and intelligent – are more confined today. Permissible, lawful challenges are fewer.

And so, some of these restless souls await the coming of the waves. The bigger the better. Some of their names are known, others not. But we salute all of them, because they spur and spark us – they inspire us – to greater deeds and greater courage.

Raphael O’Suna