Dual-system grid would enhance dependability

A Jan. 3 article in The Maui News said that the Public Utilities Commission is asking for input on the proposed undersea cable that would link Maui’s and Oahu’s electrical grids. I hope we see as much participation as possible for this meeting so we can learn the pros and cons on the subject.

I expect we will come away with the facts, and I hope the pros outweigh the cons. I, for one, would love to see my electric bill lowered at least to Oahu levels, which are currently lower than Maui.

Connecting the two islands should be able to ameliorate the costs. I would also like to see our systems become more integrated and resilient to potential disasters that could occur on either island. Less reliance on just one electrical grid makes sense for a more dependable dual-system grid.

Let’s all show up for the meeting so we can make logical decisions for our state’s future electrical system at 6 p.m. Jan. 23 at Pomaikai Elementary School.

Irina Constantinescu