Expired safety stickers are cause for a crackdown

Now that we have this enhanced safety check system, I think I am noticing more and more expired stickers and license plates – many of them on vehicles that obviously could not pass.

At some point will the Maui Police Department notice this? It is likely that many of the expired vehicles also have expired insurance. This is not good.

Drivers waiting at lights or being passed, check the stickers. I am finding that I cannot go very far without seeing expired stickers, and I am on the road only for short periods of time. I wonder how many an MPD officer would see during a shift of road work. Warning, it can become an obsession.

The other thing that is obvious is that many of the vehicles with expired stickers are either very high, have wide tires or have very dark windows. Hmm.

Time for some easy, lucrative enforcement actions.

Meryl Rodgers