Fixing homeless problem a challenge for all of us

This letter is in response to a Jan. 25 letter about the “disgusting situation” at the Kamaole beaches.

I am holding myself down as I write this. The homeless situation is our problem – yours, mine and each and every one of us.

One can look at the mess or the unsanitary waste issues, however if we as a group could get off our behinds, get together, work with our government and put some of our discretionary funds where our mouth is, no sweep would be required.

The homeless are human beings. They were once like us with a home, a family and the leisure of writing a letter. Some of our homeless have mental health issues that preclude them from being able to make decisions that we take for granted.

I challenge the letter writer to think of one thing she can do to affect this situation in a positive manner. In issuing this challenge, I will do the same. Can anyone imagine the difference we could make if we all challenged ourselves to make change?

Barrie Warner