Foreign films especially appreciated at festival

The Maui Film Festival at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center this year was a special treat – especially the foreign films.

This year was a bumper crop for good movies, and Barry and Stella Rivers did a fantastic job of bringing them to us at the MACC – many before they had been released elsewhere. I have never seen so many films at once. I didn’t want to miss any, especially as this may be my only opportunity to see them.

I especially want to commend them for the many great foreign films shown. Each was the top film from the country: Argentina, Brazil, France, Belgium, Iran, etc.

What an opportunity for the Maui community. These would never be shown in the regular theaters and we would truly have missed out, not just in seeing wonderfully crafted, beautiful films but in learning about other countries and cultures, their similarities with us and their differences.

The sensibilities of foreign films is just different from American films. It’s all good. Lucky we can have it all here on Maui at least once a year.

Susan Bradford