Future in secure hands with youth of this island

In the early morning of Jan. 14, I, an intermediate standup paddle surfer, was testing out the surf at Kanaha in a moderate and, at times, high-surf day. I was out there accompanied only by a strong south wind.

After about 40 minutes, I noticed a distant figure paddling out from the shore. Feeling relieved that I was not to be alone, he approached and gave me some wise words of advice about the conditions.

He was Jeff, a young lad who, it turned out, was a lifeguard. I was not in any trouble, to my mind, as I am quite fit for an older man, heck, for any man.

I just want to commend Jeff for his concern and knowledge. Without overstating the case, he went above and beyond his duties, because of his empathy for me. It revealed to me the pure aloha of his action and the preventative measure he took.

He rescued me from needing to be rescued. He may have seen me out there before, struggling in the very different waters of Kanaha as I learned this sport. He sensed that I was an older man, unseasoned in the ways of the ocean. He observed and used his mind to put it together and took action.

If anyone out there has worries about the young gentlemen and women of this island, rest assured. With young folks like Jeff emanating his spirit, our and their futures are sound.

Jack Kerr