GMO industry using same tactics as Big Tobacco

On Jan. 5, The Maui News chronicled the tobacco industries’ fight to keep cigarettes on the lips of the general public. What the article did not mention is how the industry was deliberately hiding inside research that showed a direct link between cigarettes and lung cancer.

The only studies that were publicly released showed evidence that cigarette smoking was basically harmless. They stated they had peer-reviewed studies to support their bogus claims.

Genetically modified organism corporations make the same claim, that all GMOs are harmless. They cite peer-reviewed studies to bolster their claim. What this means is scientists who specialize in GMO research agree with other scientists who specialize in GMO research. Essentially, the industry is incestuously self-congratulating itself on being accurate. Just like the tobacco industry.

Anyone who has ever done research knows it is easy to pervert the results of experimentation by manipulating the variables that make up the experimentation. In other words, bad data in equals bad data out.

To gain reliable information, independent researchers need to do a systematic review of all the studies done on each transgenic species. And each study should be independently weighed and rated for its accuracy.

Of course, GMO biotechies don’t want all of their data to be scrutinized. They would rather we trust them. Just like the tobacco industry.

James Miner