Grandstanding, lack of backbone seen on council

What in God’s name is the County Council doing?

First it attacks the administration on the purchase of aina in Launiupoko as being inappropriate and too high a price to pay. To show the council’s right, it had two appraisals, at a cost of $20,000, that had lower appraisals. Yet, the three council members who were the most vociferous advocates against the purchase meekly voted approval of the purchase. What a sorry display of grandstanding and having no backbone to support their claims. Why?

By the way, I understand the land purchase is for a bypass road. Isn’t that a state function?

To have an effective government, the council cannot rubber-stamp every administration action. Maybe we need a few changes in the makeup of the council.

OK, enough. Time to make my way to Teddy’s for a double 5s with fries and a large shake.

Ron Sambrano